Scented Car Diffuser

Scented Car Diffuser


Our scented car diffusers are designed to allow fragrance to strongly filter through into the cork enclosed lid.

Each diffuser comes with beautiful strings to allow you to hang in your desired location, for example, around the rear view mirror, or in a small bathroom. 


Before the first use, unscrew the bottle cap and remove the plastic travel stopper. Carefully screw the top back on and tilt the bottle gently to let the cork absorb the fragrance and diffuse the enclosed aroma. Be careful not to shake the bottle or keep it upside down, as it may cause spillage. Once the plastic stopper has been removed, keep the diffuser upright at all times. 

To boost your fragrance we recommend tilting the bottle for a couple of seconds every 4-5 days to allow the fragrance to penetrate the cork inside top of the bottle.


To choose which scent you'd like - simple write a little note upon checkout. 

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