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Hair Removal

Quick. Thorough. Hygeinic

We use two different types of wax for our treatments. 

We use warm creme strip wax for areas such as legs. And for coarse hair, delicate and sensitive areas; we use Perron Rigot Hard Wax.  Perron Rigot wax is more than just a wax! It is a nourishing skin treatment. Thanks to its pre-waxing oil, a moist barrier is created between the wax and skin, meaning the wax grips to only the hair and not the skin, for a smoother, pain-free waxing experience. This superior wax is ideal for the most sensitive areas of the face, underarm and intimate bikini.

Eyebrow Wax: £11.50

Lip or Chin: £9.00

Lip & Chin: £13.00

Underarm: £12.00

Forearm: £14.00

Half Leg: £20.00

Full Leg: £25.00

Bikini Line Edges: £17.00

Hollywood: £35.00

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